1. Siesta

  2. The Lone Cypress stands for power, charm, and life. This enchanting tree is to the Monterey Peninsula what the White House is to D.C., what the Hollywood Sign is to L.A. Robed in fog, through violent winds and mammoth rains, it has been holding on to its granite perch 

  3. Breathe literature, read Socrates, my girl look like she belong in Greek mythology 

  4. Photographed Executive Creative Director Curt Detweiler for his interview with My First Shoot.

  5. Lake Tahoe

  6. Justin coolin’ on the roof 

  7. Trumpet Pop Art

  8. And again I tell you all, that this is the message of Christmas: we are never alone. 

  9. Just dropped DeSean Jackson, the biggest bust on my fantasy team, and picked up Lisa Donaldson. I’m sure I’ll get more points per a week with her. Go Bears.

  10. Together We’re Champions 

  11. We go together like tater tots and train doors.

  12. Mighty Oregon

  13. Picnic at Cline

  14. Vail turned two years old today.

  15. Thank you, Ross Feighery, for gracing California with your presence this past week. This guy is the reason I got into photography when I was 16. During one of his shoots I assisted, I had a few minutes during the models outfit change to snap a couple photographs of this quiet and mysterious man. Safe travels, sir.